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Too Soon To Worry About Libya?

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Photo by United Nations Photo / flickr

A militia rolls into the airport and shuts down all air traffic, because they’re angry about something.  Another militia goes into the offices of the electoral commission and burns ballots, because they’re upset about something. Officials from the International Criminal Court are arrested and later released, under suspicion of being spies.

– Eight months since the declaration of a new Libya and the end of Gaddafi’s rule, the steady stream of bizarre and sometimes dangerous activity continues in that country.… Read Full Text

ctrp420 The Road Back to Libya

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Just over a year ago, Brian Conley found himself teaching workshops on new media reporting in a divided Libya. … Read Full Text

Voices of Resistance in Libya

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Sometimes you’re reading a book, attending a lecture, watching a film, or listening to an interview and a voice grabs you.  The story grabs you.  The combination of the story, the voice, and some unknown, undetectable qualities grab hold of you and they shake you somehow.  You may have been paying attention, but now you’re really paying attention.  You may have cared, but now you’re passionate. You may have had ideas, but you’re inspired.… Read Full Text