bm197 Pumps, Funds, and NOLA Bloggers

by bicyclemark

While I may have spent alot of time and energy going to New Orleans and getting into contact with organizations and volunteers to better understand the situation there, some of the best resources are right here on the internets. I’m speaking of the New Orleans bloggers, those keen observers and investigative reporters for the laundry list of concerns in their city. This program features two excellent bloggers from that community, The Gentilly Girl and Ray in New Orleans. Listen in as we discuss:

-Where is the money?
-What has been rebuilt/not rebuilt and why
-Mismanagement of funds
-The Pumps scandal
-Israeli military personnel
-Abandoned homes and laws
-What needs to be done immediately

bmtv45 Long Beach, 1.5 Years Later

by bicyclemark

This vlog entry is my attempt to show you what Long Beach, MISS. looks like today. 1.5 years after hurricane Katrina destroyed the coast and thousands of families lost their homes. It includes a walk around a destroyed neighborhood with my friends, the Tuepkers.

bm194 Insurance Companies Versus Gulf Coast Residents

by bicyclemark

During the road trip through the gulf coast, I spent some time with a lovely couple who live in Long Beach, Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina not only destroyed their home, it also erased their entire neighborhood, devastating their community. However after the storm they faced another reckless force.. the insurance companies. This is their story.

We Discuss:
– The day after the storm
– First observations, steps
– What kind of help was available
– The effects on the community
– Finding a place to stay
– Hurricane coverage and the fine print
– Strategy of insurance companies
– FEMA and their trailers
– The case
– The future for the community
– rebuilding or not rebuilding

An article about the case

Coming Back

bmtv43 St Mary’s of the 9 Ward

by bicyclemark

This is a vlog entry about my visit to the upper ninth ward in New Orleans. I also walk around St. Mary’s school which is now a base of operations for the common ground relief effort.