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ctrp364 Venezuela in 2011

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photo by flickr member: rahuldluccaIn 2011 Venezuela still gets a certain kind of press coverage by many in the mainstream media, as it has ever since President Hugo Chavez was elected.… Read Full Text

bmtv120 Retweet Risks

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A vlog entry regarding how tweets from conflict zones often get repeated and then expanded or exaggerated and then at some point becomes the story.. even if it isn’t accurate. Not to say twitter should be filled with fun, creative lies, and general randomness.. I like that too. But this is specifically about situations where we are getting our information from twitter about places where we can not go or are not able to get to in a moment. … Read Full Text

The Language of War

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The De-Landmined Kabul Golf Club

Afghanistan is a country of many ethnicities, tribes and languages, which many people can explain to you if you have the time to listen.  But there is one language you don’t often read about that is spoken throughout Kabul and no doubt the nation. In café’s and restaurants, over lunch and late into the night after dinner, Afghans and foreigners alike, are speaking the language of war.… Read Full Text

ctrp349 Lessons Not Learned in Afghanistan

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Girl with one roller-blade

Over the last 4 years working in Afghanistan, Bette Dam has learned a few things.… Read Full Text