ctrp428 News Cycles Turned Social Media Trends

MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL When social media rose up from what were thought to be the ashes of traditional media, there were high hopes for the new world that was to come. And as world events continue to unfold and these seemingly open forums continue to grow in importance, alot of old habits and […]

ctrp418 Communicating Afghanistan Through Photos

MP3 Audio [41 MB]DownloadShow URL Getting the world to listen through photos is a big part of Massoud Hossaini’s work as a photographer in Afghanistan. Even in a moment where he receives compliments and awards from around the world- including the Pulitzer prize– for his tragic photo “Heartbreak”, his message remains the same – the […]

ctrp400 A New Media Conversation with Global Attitude

MP3 Audio [43 MB]DownloadShow URL Christopher Lydon He was podcasting before there was podcasting. Looking to the online conversations and connections between old and new media long before any media company understood what was going on. He’s a global citizen who has a talent for finding inspiring voices and teaching us about our world. His […]