More War Crimes

There are many events that take place in this world that we… myself included.. can describe as crimes. Crimes take many forms and have different degrees. Among these forms, one of the most horrendous in my eyes – becuase it is so tacidly approved of and glorified in our collective culture, is war.  Stop with the World War II references, there hasn’t been a just war since… since.. how can anyone call a war just? It is a contradiction in terms, especially in 2009, when as a world we know so much more about why things happen, why people suffer and who benefits in keeping in that way.  It is not a mystery of why one group hates another, there are very clear causes and those causes are rarely addressed because too many people profit from perpetuating hatred and conflict. Read more

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Powerpoint Karaoke Or Somalia

When you’re dealing with a conference that completely engulfs your days and nights, it becomes hard to focus on anything in particular.

I would like to tell you about my evening in the Turkish neighborhood Kreuzeberg, as I sat down with my dear friend blueberry girl who only takes me to the funnest of places. I’d also like to tell you about the talk I saw today on porn and technology, or even better.. Powerpoint Karaoke which had me laughing for a good hour, distracted from my presentation that I’ll be making in a few hours.

War. huh. Good god.

But the fact is my attention is always on world events, especially those that so effect people’s lives. Or deaths, as the case so often is.

Since arriving in Berlin I’ve been watching and listening as the reports come out of Somalia. As you know, I fear the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia will be one of those acts of violence that will have reprocussions for a long time. Listening to the Ethiopian leader talk about how his army will go in, boot the islamists out of power, and get out.. I got chills. Then of course he got the blessing of the United States government and I got angry. Giving the green light for more invasions in the world.

This can’t be the way.

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