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Asian Life Versus North American Life

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Somebody let me know if they’re holding a telethon on NBC or CBS or QVC or whatever. Drop me a line if every website and its mother has a banner to help the victims of the earthquake in Kashmir. Inform me if your preferred news station immediately flew Anderson Cooper or some other khaki-clad gumshoe to the scene and he got emotional about the world sending help. Cause honestly, I don’t think they’re doing it, and I will never stop finding the lack of value for human life in non western countries, by the wealthy western international community, disgusting.… Read Full Text

Até logo Lisboa

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Last night was my last night in Lisbon. For this vacation anyway. Like so many nights when I did live there, I took myself to dinner, chose a little table in the corner at my favorite Indian restaurant, and ate very slowly while listening to the cornocopia of conversations going on in the room.

Lisbon is such a strange town for me, on so many levels. I’ve never fit in because I’m a Luso-American, born into a Portuguese family in New Jersey.… Read Full Text

AudioComm #45 – Dad Remembers Dictatorship

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AudioCommunique #45(mp3)

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1 AudioCommunique #45 – Dad Remembers Dictatorship
1.1 Today’s Show features my father’s experience immigrating from Portugal to the US in the 60’s, and more specifically; what it was like to live under a dictatorship.
1.2 First I have to mention listener mail; Brandon in China, Lotte in Amsterdam, Frank of the Overnightscape, its so cool to get email from other shows.… Read Full Text

Who are the bloggers? 1

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A while back I said I would start a series about blogs in my blogroll and why I have them there. A type of explanation as to what I like about bloggers in my neighborhood, because I feel they deserve not only more attention, but to know why I appreciate them so. This will be my first entry in the “Who are the Bloggers in your neighborhood” series. Each post will focus on two blogs starting from the top (alphabetical sort of) where it says “blogolas”.… Read Full Text