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Beyond Horror

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When I left New Jersey in 2001, it was immediately following Sept. 11th. I mention this because being back, I do remember it often. Usually its as I begrudgingly drive down the highway and still spot the faded bumperstickers with supid-ass slogans like “these colors don’t run” or the images of the Twin Towers with a yellow sash that reads “Never Forget” just in case you were forgetting while searching your car-cupholder for change to pay the -now 70 cent- toll.… Read Full Text

Real Terror

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I was going to tell you about the beautiful mornings Amsterdam has been greeting me with, of late. But I can’t.. because these words echo in my head:

" I woke up on that morning with my dead son in my arms... 

and I couldn't even look at him as my eyes were so swollen,
I had to force them open with my fingers."

It’s been 20 years. Dec. 2nd, 1984… they call it “the worst industrial accident in the world’s history.” I call it – a crime against humanity.… Read Full Text

Tour Chicks

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It’s a rainy saturday afternoon and I’ve done all the apartment cleaning one can possibly do within a 5 hour stretch; a good time for a trip down memory lane:

It was the summer of 99′, Bill Clinton’s library was but a faint idea, GWBush was on the 12-step program, Lionel Jospin was still popular in France, and one of the fastest rising NJ Ska bands of the third wave set off on the longest tour of their 3-year history.… Read Full Text