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CTRP484 Beyond the Sharing Economy

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Today’s Commemoration, Tomorrow’s History

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In an effort to save money and increase productivity, Portugal is getting rid of some holidays that people don’t really celebrate anymore. ¬†Among the obsolete days of non-work, the day the nation dumped the monarchy and became a republic, October 5th, 1910. ¬†More than 100 years since that significant moment in history, no one alive remembers it, and few are the voices that think its worth hanging on to as a holiday.… Read Full Text

They Felt Ignored

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Timbuktu photo by Emilio Labrador / flickr

Over the past weeks the stories have trickled in of events unfolding in Mali. In a rush to fill a knowledge void, many of us do quick research using sources from the past and present regarding this West African nation which in the 1300’s was an empire that controlled the very lucrative precious resource trade in that region. As a standard liberal democracy of today, it was thought of as a good example of a nation.… Read Full Text

2 Minute Judgement

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With the population of the world being as big as it is, I realize evaluating people for jobs, prizes, relationships, you-name-it; there is less time to spend on each person.

That said, I still hate it. A 1 page letter of motivation. A 2 minute audio sample. A 3 minute conversation over a drink at some party. Each of these is supposed to give someone an accurate idea of who I am, and then a judgment is to made based on that.… Read Full Text