One Year Since My Tahrir

One year ago this week it was Chris and I running around the streets of Cairo, getting a crash course in revolution from some of the most passionate, charming, and welcoming people one could ever have the good fortune of meeting in this life. From our home base in western feeling Zamalek, to our front […]

Frank Edward Nora: The Audio Curator

MP3 Audio [42 MB]DownloadShow URL Frank Edward Nora Guest Frank Edward Nora believes, as that now cliché Chinese proverb says, we actually do live in very interesting times. Part of his love and dedication to creating original audio content and preserving bits of audio from the past is because of his interest in what will […]

The Activist Origins of Twitter

MP3 Audio [19 MB]DownloadShow URL Rabble Guest “… Just like the telephone, the mobile phone, or the television was and is weird, so is twitter.” – Rabble.   Rabble was the first ever employee at twitter and had the opportunity to watch how it went from activist tool to massively popular communication medium.  In a […]

As the Sun Sets on the Gdansk Shipyard

MP3 Audio [8 MB]DownloadShow URL The shipyard of Gdansk Poland is legendary both for its well known capacity to build ships and the labor struggles that would send shock waves of inspiration to the entire world. The tireless and selfless efforts of workers of the Solidarity Movement who stood up to authority and brute force, […]