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Some Americans’ Priorities

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I started off the morning by heading to the ninth ward… err.. nine ward. Having heard soo much about it, I was anxious to be there and see how people were dealing with post Katrina life more than a year and a half later. Lil Robin lives just a stones throw down the road from the ward, so I had little trouble finding it. You know when you’re in the ninth ward… it’s hard not to know..… Read Full Text

When Most of America are Veterans

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I have this memory of my mother, when I was a kid, and its not the clearest of memories, but this is how it sits in my mind:

My mom was finishing her masters degree in social work, I must have been in the 5th grade. I remember because I would tell my 5th grade teacher sometimes, “My mom is getting her masters degree.” No idea why I needed to tell her that.… Read Full Text

bm187 Poisoned and Forgotten, Katrina Survivers 2007

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Some people might imagine that a year and a half after Katrina, life for many survivors might be improving as the rebuilding process progressed.… Read Full Text