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Video of my Talk at 24C3

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Here is a link to the video of my speech at the 24C3. It is about an hour including questions, if you’re curious what I said and what it was like, watch some of it. If you like the first minutes, watch the rest. I won’t be putting this in the feed as a podcast, full credit to the CCC for putting it up so quick this year. The direct link to the video is here.Read Full Text

bmtv69 Highlights from 24C3

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Last weekend I attended the annual hacker congress in Berlin. As usual, being surrounded by some of the world’s most brilliant and creative minds left me inspired, enlightened, and exhausted. This vlog only captures about 1/10 of the interesting things that took place during the congress, these are my video highlights.

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bmtv55 CCC2007 Final Thoughts

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