Video Volunteers: Stories From The India You’re Not Supposed to Hear About

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
at Video Volunteers HQ
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avatar Jessica Mayberry
in Goa, India

While there is much pride about India as a democracy where people have rights and representation, there is also another side of India  which domestic and international media rarely hear about – the marginalized groups of this vast country (think geography, caste, class, ethnicity, gender, and more).
31116424195_0efb7f9479_zSince 2003, Video Volunteers has been daring to challenge the status quo of media within Indian democracy, helping train and amplify video reporting by members of communities that are considered by those in power as unimportant, weak, or inferior. Today on the program we’re in Goa, at the headquarters of Video Volunteers listening to founder Jessica Mayberry explain what the organization has been up to; their successes, goals, and challenges that have come along with helping these embattled voices be heard.

Fun fact: Back in 2010 we spoke with Stalin of Video Volunteers on this very podcast, listen to that show here. 

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Upcycling and Saving Wildlife in Goa

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Moderator Amazon Wishlist Icon
avatar Clinton Vaz
on the beach in South Goa

(Episode 491) When you think recycling and reusing, India might not be the first place that comes to find. But you’d be wrong to underestimate the longstanding traditions of making use of waste materials that exist throughout the subcontinent. One of the foremost states for recycling in India is Goa, and one of the key protagonists in the story of upcycling as well as wildlife preservation in Goa is my guest on today’s podcast, Clinton Vaz. A program we recorded in just the right setting; at night on one of South Goa’s most beautiful beaches.


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Colin D’Cruz: The Music of Goa

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
in Goa
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avatar Colin D\'Cruz
at Jazz Goa Studios

in-the-jazz-goa-studio-with-colin-dcruz_31171317225_oJazz, konkani, Portuguese, bollywood; these are just the tip of the iceberg when you start to examine the rich heritage of Goan music.  Colin D’Cruz is a one stop shop for music made in Goa. As a musician, producer, and record label, he’s got his ear to the ground when it comes to what sounds are coming out of Goa; yesterday, today and in the future. We went to visit him in the studio where we recorded this brief tour of Goan music.

Songs used in this podcast (available via JazzGoa): 

  • Shubhangi Joshi – Kuch Na Kaho
  • Queenie Fernandes – Rupkar Tuzo
  • Nadia Dias – Cucurucu
  • Zezinho Fernandes – Eu Daria Minha Vida
  • Francis Lobo – Yours
  • Seby Ef – Eke Raatcho Mog
  • Joshua Costa – Bachata Blues


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