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CTRP481 End of Summer Update

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ctrp407 On the Front Lines with the German Military

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Thomas Wiegold was there in Somalia even before the German military arrived back in 1993.… Read Full Text

Video Highlights from 27C3

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Plans, 27C3Someone joked with me as they watched me sort through video from the 27C3 in Berlin last week – “Blinking lights, computers, nerd humor…that looks like every year of the congress.” Good point, I thought to myself. But I still love gathering and assembling highlights for my own personal record and for others to get a glimpse of what this talented group of people do once a year when we gather.… Read Full Text

From out of the Shadows

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A week after the 26th Chaos Communication Congress and I find myself looking back at the issues, the people, the presentations, the ideas.. everything that was being thrown around and shared during that amazing gathering of hackers from around the world.  I sit at the computer working on a larger write-up about the hackerspace movement, which has taken root not only in the west, but on every continent in more countries than I ever believed possible.… Read Full Text