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Evidence to Convict A Murderer

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Many visitors to this site and readers of this blog are no doubt listeners or watchers of democracy now, perhaps the most important 60 min of audio one can consult in the average day.  Well last friday’s show is one I had to listen to a second time.

People often fall back on slogans like, “the past is the past” and “its time to move on” whenever you bring up an uncomfortable or unresolved conflict. … Read Full Text

bmtv80 Winter Soldier, from Paris

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Greetings from Paris. The following video entry was put together to direct more attention to the extremely important gathering a few weeks ago in the US called Winter Soldier. It was organized by the Iraq Veterans Against the War organization and the stories you will hear… the testimony.. well.. every citizen should have to listen and relisten whenever they start to think that war is ever an option or an answer.… Read Full Text

Mid August Listening

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Busy work and social life welcomes me back to Amsterdam. Plus frisbee all weekend. Therefore, two recommendations is what I leave you with.

1 – Naomi Klein, one of my journalistic idols and someone I learn alot from.. speaking at some conference recently, aired on democracynow. She gets into globalization, the business of war, and looking back to how we got here.

2 – On Point episode focusing on the American Prison population.… Read Full Text

From Portugal Remembering Newark

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Greetings from Lisbon, where in theory I’ve just begun my vacation, even though I can neither take a vacation nor do I believe in taking them. There’s never a moment that Im not observing or thinking up something related to the world around us… hence.. Im never not “working”.

Newark in 67

On the flight over and the bus ride from the airport, I’ve been listening to testimony from people remembering the rebellion of 67 in the city of my birth: Newark, NJ.… Read Full Text