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Dangerous Pursuit of Cheap

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At this point in my life I am neither young nor old. Im one of those, you know, adults.  Whether it seems like long ago or not to you,  I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s in the United States, and one thing I remember well, is the pursuit of all things cheap.

Choco Bunny Without a HeartOn Sunday’s my suburban New Jersey home would have the Sunday paper at the breakfast table, and at some point someone would go through the coupon section; it seemed only wise to find deals on foods we may or may not want this week.  … Read Full Text

Vamos As Compras

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Portuguese people be shoppin.’

You cannot stop a Portuguese person from shopping.

I didn’t bother trying. I joined them, cause grandma and grandpa deserve a little something nice from the impoverished travelling vlogger of a grandson.

But it really me wonder that classic question: How do they afford it?


I’m sure you’ve heard about people in debt and still shopping in places like the US. But someone should check the stats, Portugal has by far less money yet there are shopping malls and insane shoppers everywhere.… Read Full Text