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Manikandan: The Vast World of Mobility and Manufacturing in India

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This Jersey Shore

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BoatIn the final and perhaps odd chapter of the middle east- north Africa journey, I ventured home to the state of my birth, to see my family, friends, and continue editing audio from the trip. ¬†Naturally, being back in that part of the world only a few months since the massive storm turned many lives upside down, I went with my family to visit the Jersey shore and see what is happening in many of the communities there.… Read Full Text

ctrp360 Discussing “There Once Was An Island”

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Photo courtesy of thereoncewasanisland.comYou’ve heard about the islands in the Pacific Ocean that are disappearing due to rising sea levels.… Read Full Text

Busiest Town in America

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As I pushed open the big red door at the back of a very average looking church, I made my way quickly up the stairs to avoid questions from security or random people in the hallway.¬† Several steps and doors later, I see the sign I’ve been looking for: HacDC, Washington DC’s first hacker space.¬† As I reach for the door I picture a huge room with computer parts everywhere, funny robots designed by creative minds, and a few people hanging out on a Thursday afternoon typing away on their laptops.… Read Full Text