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the People’s Space Program

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It has been a while since I’ve talked about space programs, especially those non-American ones. Some of you may recall that I’m a huge fan of the space programs belonging to the European Union, India, Japan, Brazil, and of course – China. This because NASA has proven over the last decades that they’re basically the bitches of the military industrial complex and not interested in exploration and science. (not including the science of killing or spying)

So of course I must express excitement at the fact that yesterday the second Chinese space mission ever was launched.… Read Full Text

AudioComm #45 – Dad Remembers Dictatorship

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AudioCommunique #45(mp3)

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1 AudioCommunique #45 – Dad Remembers Dictatorship
1.1 Today’s Show features my father’s experience immigrating from Portugal to the US in the 60’s, and more specifically; what it was like to live under a dictatorship.
1.2 First I have to mention listener mail; Brandon in China, Lotte in Amsterdam, Frank of the Overnightscape, its so cool to get email from other shows.… Read Full Text

Bad Japan

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Had a great first day as a podcast consultant for the magazine. Won’t say much more about it, cept that I thought alcohol flowed at the fishtank, at this place they drink in style- starting after lunch.

We got bigger fish to fry; today’s issue is the world. More specifically – I’m pissed off at the Japanese government. Few other nations, but Japan most of all, for this all-out effort to get a permanent seat in the UN security council.… Read Full Text

A story through pictures

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Once upon a time.. the was a powerbook born in China,

After his birth, he was shipped off by the fedex to America

In America he was stranded for many weeks, and lived in a box, until one day, some very kind friend(s) agreed to (help) bring him to Europe.

But our story isn’t over, because the ending only comes two weeks from now, in a town called Amsterdam. So umm..… Read Full Text