crnr1 Weekly News Review

Presenting a new program from, The Citizen Reporter Weekly News Review, which aims to go over global news stories with the help of guests in different corners of the planet.  This week being our first attempt at it, my guests are Bente Kalsnes in Norway and Atul Chitnis in Bangalore. We cover: The Earthquake […]

bm277 Law & Order, China Style

MP3 Audio [19 MB]DownloadShow URL Law and Order China Style.

Update – BaghdadBrian Released!

I received news from Eowyn earlier today that BaghdadBrian has been freed and is en route to Los Angeles. 7 other US citizens were also released. Unfortunately 2 other international detainees who I believe were being held with Brian are still being held and their fate is unknown. Apparently the amount of international pressure demanding […]