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bm259 Fingerprinting the German Government

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The German minister who famously believes in law and order and high security and knowing as much about citizens as possible, has now – himself- been fingerprinted.… Read Full Text

bm256 The Lost Emmanuel Goldstein Conversation

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avatar Emmanuel Goldstein
Live in Berlin, Germany

This week, as I continue to suffer under the oppression of Dutch internet providers and the demands of my new employment, I bring you a lost episode of this podcast.… Read Full Text

bmtv75 CCC Talk Part 3 of 4

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    This section of my CCC’07 talk on Rebellious Communication and the Federal Flood looks at prisons and public housing in New Orleans. You’ll notice at the end I come to a conclusion not unlike that which Naomi Klein later did in her book the shock doctrine.

Remember to update your links as my blog is now located directly on and if you want to watch part 1 and 2 of this blog please look in the archives.… Read Full Text