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Creativity as a Way of Life: From Hamburg to Beijing and Back Again

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Chaos Communication Camp 2011 Vlog

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A video of 5+ minutes is in no way sufficient to explain 5 days of non-stop creativity that was CCC2011. But in an effort to give people who weren’t there a glimpse of this unique event, I present to you a video entry about hacker camp. ¬†Note that it comes with no soundtrack other then exactly the audio that was captured with each video snippet.… Read Full Text

Inspiration from Berlin

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5 years of being involved with the Chaos Communication Congress here in Berlin, and one thing that never changes, yet always surprises me, is the tremendous boost this entire event gives me.  The inspiration to move forward in an exciting way, the ideas to try something new, the encouragement that I am on the right track; this magical hacker community has very much become like a family.

It is a family that only gets together once or twice per year, but it is a family that makes sure that meeting is an unforgettable one.… Read Full Text

bmtv96 25C3 Talk Highlights

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Just a collection of odd moments from my 25C3 talk. Don’t expect to learn too much, this is more the moments that I laughed at myself, which I thought to share with you.

Note: Full credit to the 25C3 video team who put out this video and I then chopped it up into this. Thanks my friends.Read Full Text