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Tony Pierce: New Media Pioneer

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TonyTony Pierce was blogging before most of us had broadband internet and well before smart phones existed.… Read Full Text

bm235 Online Community and State of Emergency

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At a time when the Pakistani government is using the state of emergency declaration to crack down on opposition and media, many citizens are turning to the internet.… Read Full Text

Meanwhile, My Nephew

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While a few months ago I may have changed the title of this blog to Citizen Reporter, that does not mean the personal side of things will suddenly disappear. It doesn’t mean I will pack up my opinion, my thoughts, my concerns, and things that happen to me.

That said, I will still focus on things happening in the world, especially that which goes under discussed, under reported, un-addressed. But in between, naturally the blog is still a personal creation at its core, and I still carry my internet moniker with pride.… Read Full Text