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I Rocked the FreeMason Lodge

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Yes I did!

The Free Masons have always been a wacky bunch in my mind. Funny people who probably have funny handshakes and hide themselves in the mysteriously funny buildings that have almost no windows. That and I figure they control the world and its money.

Last weekend I noticed the Amsterdam area Free Masons carried out a mini-media blitz to get the word out that they were having open information days where anyone could come into their lodges and ask mason-people questions.… Read Full Text

bmtv22 Agony of De Feet

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As the season winds down, here’s one last ultimate frisbee vlog. Our team lost.. alot. But hey.. sometimes you eat the bar.. and well… Camera work by Lenny… Im number 34 on the field, obviously.… Read Full Text

Im Big in Boston

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As so often mentioned, Radio Open Source is an excellent podcast, not mention a regular radio show on NPR in Boston. I not only listen, but I throw in my 2 cents in the comments and recommend guests when possible. In the past few months, some of the staff have gotten in touch to ask me certain questions and pick my brain on some topics. As you can imagine, I love contributing to their show.… Read Full Text

I Must Swing

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Some fairly big news in my life, and what better night to announce it than a sunday when you’re all off doing more important things. I’m fairly certain that as of early October, I will no longer be employed by the university. That is… at my current job, my contract is up and won’t be extended in any way. I’ve got many other jobs, mind you, but they are all freelance.… Read Full Text