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ctrp348 An Afghanistan Round Table

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Bananas on Chicken Street

On one summer night in Kabul, 6 friends of various backgrounds sit on a roof under the stars when the city is at its quietest, to discuss their thoughts on this place thats means something different for each person. … Read Full Text

ctrp347 Arriving in Kabul

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Arriving in Kabul is like arriving in no other country I have ever been to before.… Read Full Text

On Afghanistan Goals

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Recent guest Rory Stewart said some extremely interesting things on the Bill Moyers Journal. Speaking about the military goals in Afghanistan and how much of a failure, or more importantly, unachievable these goals have proven to be. That said he isn’t talking about all or nothing, not trying to give a simple answer to such a complex situation.

Obviously there’s no shortage of reporting on Afghanistan out there, and it might all seem the same at some point.… Read Full Text

To Save Itself

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Australia’s ABC Radio National (Background Briefing) recently featured one of those speeches that I consider a huge must-listen no matter who you are.  The topic: The US’s place in the world, empire, the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, education and the interconnectedness of all these concepts.  The speaker, retired US army Colonel Andrew Bacevich, considers himself a conservative and argues against the idea that Afghanistan’s future is so vitally important to the future of the United States. … Read Full Text