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Video Volunteers: Stories From The India You’re Not Supposed to Hear About

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The Coincidences and the Big Picture

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I’m probably a very annoying person to deal with on a daily basis, especially when I’m doing my typical “big picture” speeches and appreciating the life I’ve carved out for myself knowing full well how many do not get to enjoy, travel, try… as I have. I’m not sure what turn of events, what influential person or piece of media that I ever heard/read/watched, that made me someone that continuously comes back to one conclusion: despite some slim odds and all the factors that could have played out differently, I have arrived (as have so many of us) at this point in my life doing things I love to do, having people in my life (near and far) that I’m honored to know, and in reasonably good shape as far as the essentials of life go.… Read Full Text

ctrp422 Security and Ethics for Activism

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photo by Sarge Devil / flickr

In the post-Arab spring/occupy world we’ve seen a call to action for more tools to help acitivists do what they do. … Read Full Text

Sacred Cows of Protest Culture

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In my formidable years as a university student and an activist, I happily attended any and all protests I could. To this day you might catch me bragging about the effects of tear gas and the importance of having a gas mask. I tried, using what means were available to me, to carry on the tradition I learned about in history books and through personal stories from previous generations- those who had protested before me.  … Read Full Text