Cornelius Kibelka: Politicizing a Virus in Brazil

by bicyclemark 2 Comments
Cornelius Kibelka: Politicizing a Virus in Brazil

Cornelius Kibelka somehow got on the last flight from Europe to Brazil before they closed the border earlier this year. Upon arrival he was greeted by a São Paulo under lockdown, and a nation deeply divided about how to deal with a virus along political lines.
Today on the podcast he tells us what he is seeing, feeling and hearing in the most populous city in Brazil and what it all might mean for the weeks and months to come.

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  1. ReplyDan
    It is so heartbreaking to see how Brazil has turned from one of the most promising modern democracies under Lula and Dilma to a reactionary country that is very happy to play a Trump cheerleader role. I would really like to see the Brazilian self-confidence of the mid0's back in action.
    • Replybicyclemark
      I do recall those days. Perhaps it goes in waves, like the US, and it could one day make a comeback in some form.

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