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September 6, 2011 / Audio

When the city of Vancouver made the push to get the Winter Olympics, Joe Bowser and citizens throughout BC were opposed. Through the ballot box and demonstrations they expressed their disapproval. As a result, they were spied on, targeted, and to this day followed by a Canadian government that knows no limits and sees opposition as terrorism.

I caught up with Joe at CCC2011, just a few weeks ago. He had presented his experience as the target of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that has left him with little doubt that the present and future of Canada is dark. In this interview we discuss:

The Winter Olympics Proposal
The B.C. budget crisis
First Nations People of BC
Anti-Olympics Network
Annecy Olympics
The Harper Government
The future

September 5, 2007 / Text

A new project came to my attention this week via global voices: The KGB Baltic document project. Decades and decades of secret KGB records and documents about activity in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Just glancing through the list of documents, translated to English, there are…