bmtv35 After My Speech on Podjournalism

by bicyclemark

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Earlier this month I gave a speech at the 23rd Chaos Communications Congress, as you may remember from all my posts back then. As I walked off stage I was immediately asked a bunch of questions, especially by one person who disagreed with alot of my theories and conclusions regarding citizen journalism or podjournalism, as I call it.

I’m actually quite glad to have this video to show you as I think I defend myself well and I enjoyed the challenge. People should be concerned and they should be asking questions…. I am too!

Its long but I think its interesting. filming credit to the 23C3 media crew, I compressed the video so its smaller to download. Click here for a direct download if you need it.

It ain’t easy being a podjournalist

by bicyclemark

A string of delays, ignored requests, and busy guests have impeded my programs lately. Which seriously reminds me of the trials and tribulations of pushing to be an independent alternative reporter or news analyst or commentator, or whatever it is you feel like calling this thing I call podjournalism.

I took a decent amount of well deserved heat after my presentation in Berlin. Mostly from people who defended traditional media and the profession of journalism. They didn’t like or agree with how I callously dismissed the entire media industry. A swiss journalist scolded me the second I opened it up to comments, and I didn’t even have a chance to respond. Later, a more open minded german guy came over and politely debated the issue with me outside the big auditorium of the convention hall. That was a good discussion.. and he made some good points as well as arguements against my theories. (somebody recorded it, but it doesn’t seem to be finable on the web yet)

So what I really left out of my crazy presentation was the value of some journalism of the conventional kind. Especially from the alternative realm, where my heros like Newfield, Mailer, Stone, etc came from, and where so many of my present-day favorites still work.

I mention all this because moments like this, where it seems impossible to finish a program Im working on, or get someone to talk to me over the phone, or just get an email response saying “yes” or “no”, I remember how hard it has always been for journalists. And then I think about how even harder it is for a guy who publishes his work on his own site under the title “Bicyclemark’s Communique”.

In the end they’ll have to get used to me… because I’ll keep poking around, I’ll keep emailing, and if they don’t like the look of the website or my candid personal tone… tough shit, you’re looking at the future baby.

Job Does Not a Person Define

by bicyclemark

It is liberating, when you’re at a party and someone asks “where do you work?”, to respond: I DON’T. And don’t smile. Just give a look that says – this makes perfect sense, what I’m telling you. The person talking to you will look confused. She might laugh. Or just change the subject. Chances are she won’t try to get your number. But it is still liberating!

Tomorrow at the fishtank, I’ve requested the finest pies in all of Amsterdam. Cause hell, it is my goodbye-you-lost-your-job party and when they asked what food I desire, without thinking twice I said BAKKERSWINKEL.. which bakes up magic.

Then lots of people will come eat these pies with me. It will be fun but it will also be uncomfortable. Especially when someone asks “So what will you do next” and I’ll say NOTHING. And some will laugh because they’ll see in my eyes that Ive got plans but I also don’t give a shit about 9 to 5 jobs anymore.

Of course there’s more to this: That same girl who asked me on the dancefloor about my job and then felt odd when I said NOTHING. Just when I thought she would walk away, she asked one more question that cleared everything up: “But aren’t you the bicyclemark that people talk about.. with the radio on the internet and the videos?”

Suddenly I do smile and I do remember that there’s more than nothing up head. There’s me.. and my work. Not the punch the clock go to meetings type of work, but my work; my podcast; my vlog. That which falls somewhere between journalism, art, commentary, nothingness, chatter, and exploring the world through people. Thats what is next.

Turns out she has a boyfriend. Ah well, I still get the best pie in Amsterdam.