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May 22, 2009 / Text

So what you know ’bout the pirates terrorize the ocean,
To never know a simple day without a big commotion,
It can’t be healthy just to live with a such steep emotion,
And when I try and sleep, I see coffins closing.

This is the chorus of the song I’m listening to as I read the news from around the world. The lyrics of the great Somali hip-hop artist who immigrated to Canada and is dedicated to performing songs about his hometown, Mogadishu, and the reality he grew up in and the experience of immigrating with his mother, to Canada, leaving behind a country falling into an ever more violent abyss.? I’m listening to K’Naan sing these lines:

May 9, 2006 / Audio

Anyone who watched the film The Constant Gardener is familiar with the theme of a pharmaceutical company pretending to give free vaccines in Africa while secretly testing drugs on the public. Well the real thing happened, almost 10 years ago, and only now is the…