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April 26, 2011 / Text

Just a few weeks ago Pauline was here on the podcast to update us about the violence in Ivory Coast, as Pro-Ouattara (the newly elected president) forces fought against Gbagbo (sitting president who lost the election) forces. As you may recall the danger was so…

March 31, 2011 / Audio

Citizenreporter.org’s West Africa correspondant isn’t too keen on walking the streets of Abidjan these days and she has to watch what she says, as the country is sharply divided by a political standoff. The standoff is between two presidents and their supporters. One the incumbent with his own dedicated citizenry, the other elected several months ago, internationally certified and recognized. How long can this standoff last? What can be done or is being done to resolve it? In the meantime, what does daily life consist of on the streets of Abidjan as well as for a longtime correspondant in her own neighborhood.

Joining me online from Abidjan, international journalist and prolific West Africa blogger, Pauline Bax.

Her work on bloomberg.com
Her blog West Africa Wins Always

August 13, 2008 / Audio

Pauline Bax joins me to talk about Mauritania, fishing, and spam in West Africa.