bm145 Reflections from Portugal Regarding Israel-Lebanon

by bicyclemark

Due to internet restraints, I don’t have the means with which to research and do full shows. In this program I pace around the apartment and discuss Israel-Palestine and media coverage of what is happening. Mostly about the bizarre and pathetic things going on.
Later this week I’ll have an interview or two. I wish Portugal would hurry up and modernize so that I could have better net access without having to trek all over town.

Roasted on Karmabanque

by bicyclemark

Before my sweaty weekend in Paris ended, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Madge and the Max and Stacey of Karmabanque fame. I’m a longtime listener of the KB and indeed it was a pleasure to sit and talk with them. However I’m listening back to this recording and I’m fairly horrified at my overall self. Mostly my pessimism, and partially what sounds like my ignorance regarding certain facts.

So it goes I guess… go take a listen to Karmabanque and decide for yourself. I think I got roasted. (this one is not in my feed, go find it on their site, July 2nd roast involving coke in our hair.)