Fiona Krakenbürger: Fermenting in Berlin & Corona Concerns

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Fiona Krakenbürger: Fermenting in Berlin & Corona Concerns

Fiona Krakenbürger knows her home town of Berlin under normal circumstances and now knows it during Covid19 times. Whats the difference? Today on the podcast we get into Berlin over the past weeks as well as uncovering what has been going on in DC over the past months (for her). Along the way we talk about Planet Money, sourdough, serious concerns for at-risk groups, hackerspaces, ultimate frisbee, and home office politics. Very pleased to have this podcast with Fiona to share with all of you. Have a listen!

ctrp341 Hacker Culture in Vienna

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A unique group of people, a unique community space, and a unique event, all brought to you by the hackers of Vienna. My guests, Astera and Fin are both busy members of Metalab, Vienna’s internationally beloved hacker space. In part 1 of this podcast, Astera explains an upcoming conference she is helping organize in Vienna, called Plumbercon. In part 2, Fin explains how the hackerspace is organized. From how much it costs, to the club’s relations with the city government, Fin explains it all.

PS: For those who do register for plumbercon after reading-hearing this post, use the promo-code “Citizenreporter” when signing up. You won’t regret it.