Tag: disaster

June 5, 2018 / Audio

Dynamic journalist and inspiring global citizen Catarina Gomes joins me at the kitchen table on the 1 year anniversary of the deadly wildfires in Portugal. What is going on today? What lessons have we learned? What is the road forward? Much to figure out and to do in the years to come. And you can hear all about it on today’s episode.

April 12, 2007 / Video

Click To Play This vlog entry is my attempt to show you what Long Beach, MISS. looks like today. 1.5 years after hurricane Katrina destroyed the coast and thousands of families lost their homes. It includes a walk around a destroyed neighborhood with my friends,…

November 2, 2006 / Text

It is wintertime in Amsterdam. They skipped fall this year, just like they skip spring as well… welcome to the new globally warmed world. Part of it being wintertime means it gets dark pretty fast in this upper part of continental Europa. Which of course…