bm259 Fingerprinting the German Government

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The German minister who famously believes in law and order and high security and knowing as much about citizens as possible, has now – himself- been fingerprinted. Whats more, the fingerprints are being distributed all over the world as part of a very strong statement and critique of what is supposed to be such a safe and secure method of identification.

This podcast is recorded at the CCCB in Berlin, and it features the participation of some very kind and socially conscious hackers. As we sat around assembling the magazines, finger prints and all, I took out the recorder and asked them to explain how it is they got hold of the German interior minister’s finger prints and what the larger meaning of this action, will be.

By the end of the recording they realized we hadn’t spoken in detail about many of the OTHER examples of what the German government is trying to do when it comes to data retention and privacy. Below is a list of links they recommended I include for better details about what is going on.

EU-Wide implementation of the data retention

German minister defends ‘Trojan horse’ spy tactic as needed to fight terror

Schäuble: Facts Obtained Through Torture Should be Used

Oh and as a bonus, the Finger Print story in Wired.


Just Flew Into Berlin… Ouch

by bicyclemark

A little over 24 hours ago I was celebrating xmas with family in a tiny town in Portugal.

This morning I awoke warm and happy in Amsterdam.

And now I write to you from somewhere in the heart of Berlin.

As you can imagine.. I can’t think straight at the moment. I’ve focused on small tasks.. like making sure the hot water works here in the most unique and spacious apartment Tim has let me use. (Tim is, of course, the greatest)

I’m here for 23C3… the amazingly circus-like hacker conference that brings hordes of people together for the last days of the year.. right here in Berlin. So that’s where I’ll be all week and I planned some additional days as well since Ive got lots of time on my hands and work I can do from anywhere in wonderfully WIRED Berlin.

There’s lots more to tell, but I need to figure out where my pajamas are and maybe add some layers as this place has a pretty limited heating system.

Prepare yourself.. all week you will be bombarded with reports from Berlin filled with the participation of some very special people.