On the Road

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24 Hours in Amsterdam has not allowed me to prepare a podcast. Mostly it involves unpacking, repacking, cleaning, and preparing my equipment for the 24C3 in Berlin.

If you have not yet seen the documentation video from last years Chaos Communication Congress, here is the link.  I say a few lines in it, as do some nice folks that I know.

Some people might wonder what I say about the Bhutto assasination, sorry to disappoint but I don’t have much to say.  They knew full well the risks they took and I commend her and her people for facing death so bravely.  I’m not a huge Bhutto admirer, but the way she has carried herself in the face of so much pressure and hatred, I commend her and regret that this has happened. Unfortunately they will once again re-write history and hijack a tragedy by making this an excuse to dedicate more money for their crusade entitled “the war on terrorism”.

bmtv35 After My Speech on Podjournalism

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Earlier this month I gave a speech at the 23rd Chaos Communications Congress, as you may remember from all my posts back then. As I walked off stage I was immediately asked a bunch of questions, especially by one person who disagreed with alot of my theories and conclusions regarding citizen journalism or podjournalism, as I call it.

I’m actually quite glad to have this video to show you as I think I defend myself well and I enjoyed the challenge. People should be concerned and they should be asking questions…. I am too!

Its long but I think its interesting. filming credit to the 23C3 media crew, I compressed the video so its smaller to download. Click here for a direct download if you need it.

bm176 One Laptop per Child

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During 23C3 I had the good fortune of running into SJ who works for the Green Machine project. Which has been renamed the OLPC project, but I still like calling it the Green Machine because that is what it is… a 100 dollar laptop that had been designed specifically for the harshest conditions in the most remote places in the world. It is an issue close to any internet content creator’s heart… anyone who wants to see more of the world having access to computers and personal publishing online. If you’re intested in learning more, after the interview perhaps consult their website:



bmtv33 Glimpse of the 23C3

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Most of the time it feels odd to take any photos or video of such a special event. But naturally I couldn’t help but take some video and make this montage of how I saw this years Chaos Communications Congress. Suffice to say, from now on.. I know where I will be between xmas and new years. The Congress Website