bm276 Mauritania, Greenpeace, and Bottom Trawling

MP3 Audio [22 MB]DownloadShow URL I pay a visit to Greenpeace International to followup on what is going on with fishing rights in Mauritania.

bm219 Special Courts and Presidents in Sierra Leone

MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL Pauline Bax In Abidjan, Ivory Coast Guest It is quite hard to find an article on Sierra Leone on your average day in your average newspaper. Forgotten by some, written off by others, the country presses on – electing a new president while a special war crimes tribunal continues to […]

bm190 Struggle for Change in Guinea

MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL Pauline Bax The president of Guinea has ruled this west african nation for over 20 years. Under his rule the nation has become one of the world’s poorest and more corrupt. But recently the people have taken to the streets and declared a general strike, making demands of this president […]

bm186 Liberia, What a Difference a Year Makes

MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL It was one year ago that Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was elected president of Liberia, promising the enormous task of rebuilding and reuniting the country. One year on, some may wonder how the process is going, what signs of progress and hope can be found across Liberia? Elma Shaw of Liberia Stories […]