bmtv22 Agony of De Feet

As the season winds down, here’s one last ultimate frisbee vlog. Our team lost.. alot. But hey.. sometimes you eat the bar.. and well… Camera work by Lenny… Im number 34 on the field, obviously.

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bmtv15 Windmill Windup 2006

Well, it has taken me some time to finally release this videoblog… and beware it is very big (15 min. long).

My frisbee association in Amsterdam hosted this tournament last month… voila a videoblog of the fun.

Considering all the pain and sufferring in the world.. at this very moment. I present this vlog as one of the few examples these days of many nations and many cultures coming together peacefully thanks to a common bond – ultimate frisbee.

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Frisbee Has lots Of Peaceful Conflict Resolution

I’ve spent the past 2 long, sticky, blazing hot days volunteering for Amsterdam’s beloved frisbee association during the biggest annual tournament we’ve got. And while sometimes it seemed as though no one was paying attention to or even remotely troubled about the events unfolding in the world, within the tournament and the games, I took notice of all the different countries and how wonderfully we all came together for this purpose.

There were plenty of disputes, plenty of cultural differences. Yet it was exciting to see how these conflicts were resolved and differences were never allowed to become excuses for huge bitter disagreements. In the end, we all speak this common language – ultimate frisbee.


I just wish the citizens of the world could do similar… seriously decide to speak the language of understanding, mutual respect, and peace. Instead of pretending these are the goals which can only be achieved through death and destruction. Such a concept is a wonderful political tool for creating many open-ended wars.

A podcast is forthcoming. Many interviews this week before I disappear to Portugal. The conversation with Afghanistan is coming very soon… the rest.. just stay tuned.. or better yet.. subsribed in your favorite newsreader.

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