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Thailand’s Oppressive Media Law

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It was the summer of 2008 and I was in Bangkok, Thailand, on a then work related trip that left me enough spare time to look around and do some reporting.   My focus included alternative media, and lucky for me, a good friend introduced me to Jiew, editor of the alternative magazine  We did a very interesting and informative podcast about the situation in Thailand, which included a discussion of the limitations on press freedom in that country.… Read Full Text

ctrp369 Modern War over Ancient Land

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The Temple
Temple photo by flickr member: Everything Everywhere

The Preah Vihear temple is piece of world heritage dating back to the 9th century.… Read Full Text

bm268 Teenagers and HIV-AIDS in Thailand

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An interview recorded in Bangkok with an HIV-AIDS organization that works with children and teenagers.… Read Full Text

Hua Hin, Royal Holidays

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Originally I was coming to the beachside getaway known as Hua Hin in hopes of being closer to an ongoing conflict further south in this province, between a fishing village and the steel corporation that wants to built a smelter on their shores.

However due to my compulsive buying of a ticket to Cambodia, my Hua Hin and subsequent time in Prachuat Kiri Kahn province will be cut short and Ill head back to Bangkok in less than 24 hours. … Read Full Text