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bmtv124 La Tabacalera, Madrid

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La Tabacalera
La Tabacalera de Lavapies has long been important site for both workers and the community around it in Madrid. So when it stopped being a factory, members of the community occupied the building and started developing social services, education, arts, gardens, eating establishments and an ever expanding list of features all housed within this large complex. The following is a brief video tour of what I saw during my few hours at La Tabacalera, an intoxicating and exciting place for anyone interested in informal, not for profit, community spaces.… Read Full Text

bmtv119 Room for Everyone

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March from Waterloo SquareThe squatting community in Amsterdam is under siege, with the new law declaring squatting illegal, many who have lived in their homes for a decade or more are now considered criminals and subject to forceful eviction. ; But the community and its supporters have not given up hope and refuse to be made homeless by the authorities.

This brief video clip is from one of the many marches against the evictions, as squatters and supporters marched from Waterloo Square through the heart of Amsterdam.… Read Full Text

ctrp346 Audio Notes from Portugal

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Lisbon, August 2010

Podcast recorded on my last day in Lisbon, thinking out loud about the issues related to housing and squatting in Portugal as well as the Netherlands. … Read Full Text

bm183 Amsterdam Creative Spaces, The Story of OT301

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The city of Amsterdam is famous for many things, among them, the great movement of creative people who occupied abandoned buildings over the past 30 years.… Read Full Text