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In all the excitement of my trip to Istanbul last month, I failed to post 2 podcasts I recording during my time at the Re:publica conference in Berlin.
So at long last I’m starting with this first interview with my friend Geraldine who has worked in a development corporation for the past 5 years. Since last year she has been involved with open source and digital culture project in subsaharan Africa.
Together we get into blogs and the role they play in Africa. Different and unorthodox ways content is diffused throughout the continent, broadband penetration and the building of new deep sea broadband links for the continent, the OLPC, and much much more.

Links Geraldine recommends:


  • Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Bloodless Coup
  • Steve Earl – Someday

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Republica09 interview action

After speaking at Re:publica09 today, I find myself in fairly high demand for interviews… which I must say, is always flattering and often fun.  So forgive the ego trip, as I think within the interview there might be something useful or interesting to someone out there.  At the very least, for my mama to listen to.  Hence, click over to Nils’ site and you can press play and listen to me answer questions related to my talk.

(if you’re wondering if im working on podcasts while Im here.. yes.. about 2 of them to be exact.  Previews ASAP. Currently Im enjoying myself out there offline)

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