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bm260 The Other Side of the Filesharing Debate

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Following the recent podcast on licences, filesharing, and the pirate bay, I received alot of strong feedback with both opinions that were similar and also very different from those that Peter brought forth. … Read Full Text

bm235 Online Community and State of Emergency

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At a time when the Pakistani government is using the state of emergency declaration to crack down on opposition and media, many citizens are turning to the internet.… Read Full Text

Inviting Friends in Pakistan

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Upon arrival in Brussels today I was pleased to receive an email from the Pakistani blog community I had written to, requesting their participation in an upcoming podcast about what people are writing about during this “state of emergency.”

Media Freedom

Throughout the long train ride today, it seemed like every podcast I listen to was covering the situation. I heard that same Musharraf speech about not letting the country commit suicide, over and over.… Read Full Text

bmtv59 Majority Rule

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In Federalist Paper Number 10, James Madison warned of the dangers posed by majority rule or small groups of people being able to control a nation. On today’s internet we are once again faced with the tyranny of the majority in the form of popularity. Any site you go to values whatever gets voted for or “dugg”. Yet just like in Madison’s time, we also must protect against the tyranny of the internet majority.
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