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ctrp382 How the World Thinks of Poverty

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Poor CarThe way people talk and think about poverty has a major influence in how it is addressed in society.… Read Full Text

Poverty Perceived

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Old things
Old Tbilisi

How do we explain poverty to ourselves or to others? When conversations in our communities start about those who live in poverty, how do those conversations sound? Perception of poverty is what it is known as in the academic world and there have been a few researchers looking into this issue in different parts of the world.


The classic characterization you can find in many parts of the world is the ol’ “They’re lazy, if they wanted to they could get out of it.” The other opinion on the matter takes it as more of a systemic thing, as in – those who are poor are poor because the system (economic perhaps) keeps them that way.… Read Full Text

To the Ger District

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I’m running late for my next appointment, and as I rush out of the Grand Khan Irish pub, I look across the sea of cars around Sukhbaatar square, and I cover my mouth with my scarf to try and filter the Coal and Carbon Monoxide filled air.  The guide books say UlaanBaatar in winter has some of the worst air quality of any capital city in the world, yet somehow I’ve decided breathing through a scarf will make it all alright.… Read Full Text

bm280 On the Ground in Haiti

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Our returning champion of humanitarian work, Mr.… Read Full Text