ctrp 314 What is Behind the Texas Secession Movement?

MP3 Audio [9 MB]DownloadShow URL None of them were alive the last time Texas was located outside the borders of the US, but they’re demanding to go back to that status. They’re angry at the Obama administration, frustrated with the United States, and lately – they’ve managed to get a bit of national attention.  They […]

Before Rove, Atwater

There was a statement that caught my attention as I rode through museumplein in the middle of the night recently, listening to the latest edition of On the Media. They were talking about the late republican strategist Lee Atwater, who Ive always remembered as the guy who trained George HW Bush in 88 to stand […]

Work on the Candidate

Many of you know I’ve lived outside the United States since late 2001. If I were trying to seem poetic or sentimental I would mention that it was 2 months after 9/11. Or I would bring up the extreme difficulty and hostility I experienced trying to do research as a freelance journalist into the disappearing […]