100 Years and More

I found myself towards the back of the crowd, almost unable to see the gravedigger doing his work and the people laying down Revolutionary-Red carnations.

There in the cemetary that seemed to be located on top of the world, I scanned the traditional marble slab graves all around me.  Buried immediately in front of me, complete with the traditional brown and white fade-proof photo, is an old woman with the first name Liberia.  The dates on the grave read: 1896 to 2004.  I started looking towards the next grave but it suddenly hit me and my eyes zoomed immediately on that date again.. 1896.. . 2004. 108 years, right there in front of me. Amazing.

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Weekend Break and A New Bike

Its the weekend and I’m busy with non-citizenreporter life. However staying true to my roots as a blogger and a bicycle rider, I wanted to share this video my buddy Marc over at Amsterdamize shot today.  It captures the first ride with my new Secret Service bike from Workcycles.com.  I’ve never had a more pleasant bike buying experience, so much so I had to say something here on the blog because Henry and the crew deserve credit beyond just my purchase*.

*(thanks to the Dutch government for this odd small business-tax-credit for bicycles thing which I can’t explain properly, but helped make this possible)

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3 Videos Since Milan is Coming Up

Since I know yee good people have things to catch up on and I can’t keep writing mountains, today I’ll simply recommend three videos and be gone. Friday is the journey to Milan for vlogeurope, so video is the name of the game for the immediate future.

First: A New vlogger on the scene. You may recall I had a group of students I was tending to from Minnesota… well wouldn’t you know it.. one particular Rachel has started a vlog that has this great energy.. a certain je don’t know quoi.

Second: I’ve recently been writing for Richard’s news vlog, the Eclectic Newsbrief… news you won’t find in the mainstream and presented in a unique way. (see if you spot the societal critique)

And Lastly: A wonderful artist, my friend Hollye Davidson has a great understanding of how people relate to art. She even helps me to see my own art, which I often forget. Watch her latest vlog on dogs and art… i learned alot.

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