bm215 My Father’s 17 Traditions: Growing up in Murtosa

In his recent book, Ralph Nader talks about the town he grew up in, his family, and the traditions that helped make him who he is. My father read the book and said to me “That is how it was for us!” The result is this podcast, likely to be the first of several, where we talk about his town, his family, and everything related that shaped who he is today.

We Discuss:
– The town – Murtosa, Portugal
– School
– Church
– Farming versus Shoemaking
– Siblings
– Food
– High School
– Careers
– Military
– The pleasure of the Radio
– Uncles Abroad and in the Colonies
– Local Politicians and the Dictatorship


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bmtv17 The Cemetery in my Father’s Town

Being as I’m in rainy Paris all weekend and I’d like to spend some time outside or at least in some cafĂ© somewhere without my laptop. I’ve pre-prepared a vlog which is actually from my time in Portugal only a few weeks ago. This one is low on explanation, but basically whenever I meet my parents in Portugal, we go to the cemetery to visit my grandparents (father’s side). The interesting is always going from grave to grave with my father, and him telling each person’s story and where they immigrated to and how he remembers them from when he was a child.

If you’ve never been to a Portuguese cemetery, I think they are amazing. Hence the Antony and the Johnson’s song which seemed fitting.

Watch the Video

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