bmtv23 Revisiting the Story of Asbury Park

In order to further explore the theme of how cities thrive and decay, specifically the case of Asbury Park, the following is part 1 of a vlogged history. The last minute has a audio-video timing problem, fixing it would give me an ulcer. Please Note: Im just an amateur armchair historian, I don’t claim to know everything about the place, but I have been doing endless hours of research.

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bm158 Orgins of Asbury Park

Obviously Ive become obsessed with this Jersey shore forgotten city. The truth is there is a very important story there with lessons for the whole world regarding development, religion, and community. In this program I begin to tell the story of how it all started. This was my last recording during my recent visit to New Jersey and note that Im driving as I’m explaining things which makes it harder dammit.

Read a version of the history on the net
The book Im learning from is 4th of July, Asbury Park by: Daniel J. Wolff


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