ctrp354 The Next Economic Meltdown & Cheesecake

MP3 Audio [25 MB]DownloadShow URL Max Kaiser’s website is among the most popular sites to visit in Washington DC among Homeland Security employees. They’re such regular and enthusiastic visitors, Max says they are helping to pay his salary, and they’re most welcome to do so. Through his program on Russia Today and Press TV, Max […]

Faire du Stop

On my way to Paris… yeehaw. Hitching a ride, in fact, through the magic of hitchhikers.org which is always a garunteed interesting time. While in Paris I shall finally meet Chris from Americablog, who’s cats I already met during my last Paris visit. And naturally I’ll be seeing some of my wonderful Paris friends, including […]

Roasted on Karmabanque

Before my sweaty weekend in Paris ended, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Madge and the Max and Stacey of Karmabanque fame. I’m a longtime listener of the KB and indeed it was a pleasure to sit and talk with them. However I’m listening back to this recording and I’m fairly horrified at […]