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ctrp354 The Next Economic Meltdown & Cheesecake

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From the Archives - Max in London

Max Kaiser’s website is among the most popular sites to visit in Washington DC among Homeland Security employees.… Read Full Text

Faire du Stop

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On my way to Paris… yeehaw. Hitching a ride, in fact, through the magic of which is always a garunteed interesting time.

While in Paris I shall finally meet Chris from Americablog, who’s cats I already met during my last Paris visit. And naturally I’ll be seeing some of my wonderful Paris friends, including Max and Stacy of Karmabanque.

Which brings me to my recommendations for the day:

Max Keiser debating the world economy on France24 the other day.… Read Full Text

bmtv18 A Visit with Max and Stacy

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You know them from Karmabanque and the Truth About Markets. Now witness their return to videoblogging during my recent visit with them in Paris.

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Roasted on Karmabanque

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Before my sweaty weekend in Paris ended, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Madge and the Max and Stacey of Karmabanque fame. I’m a longtime listener of the KB and indeed it was a pleasure to sit and talk with them. However I’m listening back to this recording and I’m fairly horrified at my overall self. Mostly my pessimism, and partially what sounds like my ignorance regarding certain facts.… Read Full Text