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bmtv52 Robbing the Poor to Feed the Rich

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This brief entry was roughly recorded during my day in Quarteira, Algarve. As I walked through a famous street market, where indeed lots of bootleg merch is sold, all of a sudden dozens of police run in, many in full riot gear brandishing shotguns and automatic weapons. It was an string operation against the poorest segment of the population… gypsy street merchants.… Read Full Text

Planning and Packing

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Podcast guests and topics are illusive this week, so far. At a dinner party this evening from across the room I hear “BM… this guy is from New Orleans!”

I jump up and have a seat next to him. A musician through and through who studied in New Orleans, as it turns out. After talking to him about my project and the issues I want to focus on, I was honored to hear him say “Well I’m glad you’re going.… Read Full Text