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ctrp340 India Unheard

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India Unheard is a new project by VideoVolunteers which focuses on helping develop a network of citizen journalists and concerned video citizens throughout India.… Read Full Text

bm255 Bihari People; Forgotten and Left Stateless in Bangladesh

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Imagine having no rights, no home, and no country.… Read Full Text

Innovative Heat

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Spending all day scraping paint at my squat office leaves me with a great chance to listen to a long list of podcasts will my full attention.  One of the podcasts that was especially interesting today was the latest edition of Deutsche Welle’s Living Planet.  This is the German broadcaster’s environmental program, recorded in English.  The specific topic was a short item about the Stockholm train station, where soon they will make use of the heat generated by people, to heat an entire building. … Read Full Text

Quality Media from India

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There are few projects on the internet, that make me stand up and say — see.. this is what videoblogging is for! And while I’ve mentioned this particular one before, as I watched their latest video I was once again reminded of how great they are.

The project is called Swajana, a videoblog which started around the time of Jay and Ryanne’s visit to India. It is about people in India.… Read Full Text