bm220 Teaching Videoblogging in South Asia

MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL Ryanne and her partner Jay have made it their goal to spread the word of videoblogging around the world. Lately that quest has taken them to India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. In this program I take some time to talk to Ryanne about the journey and how she see’s the […]

Mark D on Media Work

Struggling to recover following my panel discussion gig at the European Parliament, my speech at the international school here in Amsterdam, and the last 3 days of nonstop ultimate frisbee filming during our gigantic tournament/circus known as Windmill Windup. Thanks to all this, I was not able to meet up with my friend and thesis […]

Victims of the Tea Industry

In the 90’s there was the big collapse of coffee prices, and the millions of farmers whose lives were ruined while their story was barely covered in the mainstream. Today I’ve been reading more and more about the collapse of tea prices in the last 10 years; ruining the lives of tea farmers in India. […]

Todays Bigots

The by-line of the article reads as follows: In an effort to close a chapter in America’s history of race hate, Washington is bringing elderly Klansmen to justice for killings carried out up to 60 years ago Well now thats just a bit misleading and well… wishful thinking. The part about closing the chapter on […]