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bmtv58 Burma!

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BURMA! Who needs history when the mainstream media presents BURMA! to us. This is a vlog commentary on Burma with some factoids. Also testing my new camera… and apparently the battery was dying or I pushed the wrong something as you might see the sound getting out of sync.

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Fujimori, Better Late than Never

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For those keeping score in the mass murdering dictators held accountable before human rights tribunals game, a big move came this weekend as ex Peruvian president Fujimori was extradited from Chilé.

This could mean that finally some truth will come out about just what took place during his presidency, as he will no doubt have to answer for the systematic murders of his opponents. Not yet clear when and how this tribunal will work, but after many years of thinking he would get away without a real investigation or trial, suddenly a sign that there might be some justice served in Peru.… Read Full Text

Calling the Arctic

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During my occasional working days here in Brussels, I have lots of time on busses and trains to think about how much I miss my bike and the topics of my next podcasts.

For the next few months I will be frequently touching upon the topic of the Arctic and the race to exploit its resources, re-claim property rights, and the ongoing accelerating process of global warming effecting the region (and in turn, the world).… Read Full Text

Silence On Executions

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Part of having a podcast/vlog/blog about under reported issues and global concerns, means that the good people around the world send me emails and comments asking that I look into certain issues. It is nothing short of an honor that people look to me for any such work, in many ways saying – I know you’d be good at looking into this – it is quite flattering. When it isn’t overwhelming.… Read Full Text