Abuse on the Street

It was a Monday late afternoon as N and I walked onto the extremely crowded Istiklal, Istanbul’s see-and-be-seen pedestrian avenue lined with all the coolest shops and restaurants. She and I walked among the masses on our way to meet a friend for dinner, chatting about her work and upcoming events at the University, when […]

5th World Water Forum

Not the sexiest topic for the mass media to cover, but over in a city I like very much – Istanbul – the 5th World Water Forum is taking place. Essentially a meeting about addressing the state and future of the planet’s water, this is supposed to be the gathering where conflicts and concerns are […]

bm296 An LGBT Magazine in Turkey

MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL Kaos GL started publishing in the 90’s in an effort to get LGBT issues into the public sphere as part of the struggle for equal rights and equal protection under the law.� But what is the state of the state when it comes to gay rights in Turkey? What are […]

Update – BaghdadBrian Released!

I received news from Eowyn earlier today that BaghdadBrian has been freed and is en route to Los Angeles. 7 other US citizens were also released. Unfortunately 2 other international detainees who I believe were being held with Brian are still being held and their fate is unknown. Apparently the amount of international pressure demanding […]